Developer's API Documentation : Register & Stats


Toodledo's API is free to use, for any application, even commercial applications. However, you must use the API efficiently and not cause undue stress on our servers. Additionally, every application that uses the API must register, for free, with Toodledo so that we have some way to contact you if we notice a problem. Registration also gives you some useful information, such as the number of people using your application across your application's versions

You should register each different application that you create. You should not register each version of the same application. Updates to the same app can be tracked with the same AppID by passing the version number into the API.

AppIDs created with API 1.0 are not compatible with API 2.0. You'll need to create a new AppID.

You must sign into your Toodledo account to register a new application for development.