Developer's API Documentation : Version 3.0

The Toodledo API is free to use for any developer who wants to integrate our service into your application. Toodledo provides access to a user's tasks, notes, outlines and lists so you can build a full featured productivtity tool and easily have a back end to sync with.

Setup / General Information

Register your application, and learn how the API works.

Authentication / Account Info

Learn how to authenticate with the API and get account information.

User Defined Lists

There are four different user defined lists that are used to assign values to tasks. Folders are usually the primary organizational structure of Toodledo users. Contexts can track resources that are required to complete a task. Goals are a big picture concepts that individual tasks can contribute towards. Locations are a user defined places on a map.


Tasks allow users to keep track of the things that they need to do. This helps them stay organized and be more productive. Learn how to view, add, edit and delete tasks.


The Notes section of Toodledo (sometimes called Notebook) is an entire section for long form notes that users can create. Learn how to view, add, edit and delete note entries.


The Outline section of Toodledo gives you a way to organize your ideas by breaking them down into a hierarchical structure. Learn how to view, add, edit and delete outlines.


The Lists section provides a way to make customizable lists for any purpose. You can customize the columns with over 20 different data types and then you can add rows to your list. Learn how to view, add, edit and delete lists and rows.